What to Do with That Old Steel Shipping Container


Yes, because everyone has an old steel shipping container lying around their backyard. Hey, you never know. Companies that sell steel shipping containers will most often buy those containers back from you to recycle as is or to use in a recycling process. Steel is one of the most recycled components in use today. It is extremely earth friendly and energy-saving.

Are You Going to Use That Old Shipping Container?

If you watch a lot of pay TV, satellite or cable, you may have seen a show about doomsday preparers.  These people are building (albeit small) homes underground, to be used in case of an emergency. There are actual companies that build these human sardine cans however. They are on the lines of the elitist underground hiding places. But for those who choose to recycle and save money, metal shipping containers should suffice. You’re going to need more than a shovel however to dig a hole for this puppy!

If Underground Living Isn’t Your Idea of Fun…

… You can always use those shipping containers to make yourself a sort of makeshift, above ground, redneck paradise. Approximately 2 former transport truck shipping containers should suffice, unless you’re in need of a mansion. You will be cutting windows and doors into the sides to give it a more homey feel and look. You will also need to cut a hole (an archway is nice) in the walls joining the two storage containers. (You will be setting them up side by side rather than end to end and connecting them securely.)

Wiring and plumbing can be done before installing studs and walls. These walls will also be utilized in separating rooms. Do check out the video because, for those of you looking for a project, this is a pretty amazing little prospect.