4 Tips to Find the Collapsible Plastic Bin for You

Whether you’re in search of a long or short-term storage solution, collapsible plastic bins could be just what you’ve been looking for. Aside from being an affordable option, they also take up less space than many other products. If you think this could be the right choice for you, there are four important considerations to make before you buy to ensure you arrive at the best solution for your needs.

1. Do You Need Stackable Bins?

Depending on the industry, stackable collapsible bins can translate to hundreds of square feet of extra work space. Using interlocking walls and perforated edges, they’re able to be effectively stacked for easy storage when not in use. This can be an excellent business solution if you frequently store an array of items and would find value in the ability to access them without the hassle of breaking down boxes or prying open lids.

2. What are the Containers Going to Be Used For?

There are two common uses of collapsible bins:

  • 1. Shipping
  • 2. Storage

If number one describes your need, a reliable lid is key to reduce spills and/or damage during transit. For storage needs, look for qualities that allow easy access to contents of the bin.

3. What Material Type Works for My Needs?

Do you need something highly durable? Metal could be a good choice. Food-grade plastic can be a better choice in the restaurant industry. Other popular material types include:

  • Mesh metal
  • Wood
  • Injection-molded polyurethane

4. Lid or No Lid?

A lid isn’t always necessary. If the contents of your bins need protected or are hazardous, it’s worth it to find a collapsible bin with a lid option. Otherwise, you can save money without a lid.